OUI PG Programs

Today, the University has a postgraduate student enrollment and offers postgraduate programmes in all Faculties, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters (including professional degrees), Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes.

Graduate work is supervised by at least one formally appointed graduate supervisor in each academic unit with an advanced degree programme.

OUI Postgraduate College Programmes

  • Ph.D Computer Science
  • Ph.D Public Administration
  • M.Sc Accounting
  • M.Sc Business Adminisration
  • M.Sc Mass Communication
  • M.Sc Public Administration
  • M.Sc Computer Science
  • M.Sc Microbiology
  • M.Sc Biochemistry
  • MBA
  • MPA
  • PGD Accounting
  • PGD Mass Communication
  • PGD Public Administration
  • PGD Mass Communication
  • PGD Microbiology
  • PGD Biochemistry
  • PGD PGD Computer Science

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