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The College of Management and Social Sciences is comprises of eight Departments: The Department of Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Mass Communication and Information Technology, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration.
The College offers four-year programmes for student wishing to obtain a degree in any of the disciplines in the College. The College also offers courses to studentS who wishe to specialize in Economics, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Mass Communication and Media Technology, Political Science, Public Administration and International Relations.
In addition, students from other Colleges are free to take any of the courses run in the College within the limits of the general regulation governing such courses. Furthermore, the College intends to offer course in one year remedial programme of the school of Basic Studies, primilarily meant for student from the educationally less-developed state who do not qualify for admission into the four-year degree programme.
Oduduwa University has created four professional centers which are innovative and unique to the University. They are centre for Professional Studies, Centre for Foundation Studies, Centre for Information and Communication Technology and Centre for Entrepreneurship.
The new degree programmes came into effect in response to the needs of the country and the national requirements to meet the Minimum Academic Standards in these fields as stipulated by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
In keeping with overall University policy, the course designed such as to provide a sound background in general principles and methods for broadening the scientific knowledge and outlook in the first two years of the degree programmes. Consequently, courses in the major field begin at a very limited in the 100 and 200 courses and occupy most of the student’s time at the 300 and 400 levels of course toward their areas of specialization.   
The College ensures and strongly emphasized on a sound foundation in Management Sciences, especially Economics, Accounting and Mass Communication and Media Technology. This is to ensure the relevance of our degree programmes to national manpower needs and that our graduates remain competitive anywhere in the world with the scientific knowledge and practices acquired in Oduduwa University.
Students are expected to register for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 24 units per semester. Students should bear it in mind that resit examination have been abolished throughout the Nigerian University System. All the courses failed in a given session have to be carried over and registered for in the next session.   

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