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I welcome you to the department of Economics. Under the COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES


HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT: Economics Department admitted the first set of students into 100Level in October 3rd, 2009 at its incision. The Department gained full accreditation in 2011, 2015 and we hope to gain and pray full accreditation in 2021. Since then, the department have graduated 5 set of Students..

Vision: The vision of the department is to provide a well–balanced university education without discrimination for the production of versatile graduates with capacity for entrepreneurship for the development of the nation.

Mission: The mission of the Department is to create a learning environment for students as well as to cultivate and future the qualities of human beings with a view to contribution towards the economic, scientific and technological needs of humanity.

Philosophy and Objective: The philosophy and mission statement underlying the Economics programmes is to produce graduates equipped with critical skills and abilities to : abstract using simplified models that identify the essence of a problem; analyses and reason – both deductively and inductively; marshal evidence, assimilate structure and analyses qualitative and quantitative data; communicate concisely the results to a wide audience, including those with no training in Economics; think critically about the limits of one’s analysis in a broader socioeconomic context; and draw economic policy inferences and to recognize the potential constraints in their implementation.

  • I. Provide training in the principles of economics and their application appropriate to the type of degree concerned: single, joint and combined studies;
  • II. Stimulate students intellectually through the study of economics and to lead them to appreciate its application to a range of problems and its relevance in a variety of contexts;
  • III. Provide a firm foundation of knowledge about the workings of an economy and to develop the relevant skills for the constructive use of that knowledge in a range of settings;
  • IV. Develop in students the ability to apply the analytical tools, knowledge and skills acquired to the solution of societies’ economic problems,
  • v. Equip students with appropriate tools of analysis to tackle issues and problems of economic policy;
  • vi. Develop in students, through the study of economics, a range of transferable skills that will be of value in employment and self-employment;
  • vii. Provide students with analytical skills and the ability to develop simplified frameworks for studying the real world;
  • viii. Provide students with the knowledge and skill base, from which they can proceed to further studies in Economics, related areas or in inter-disciplinary areas that involve Economics; Generate in students an appreciation of the economic dimensions of wider social and political issues.
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9:00am – 5:00pm DEPARTMENT 203 Monday – Friday DR HANAFI DELE IBRAHIM

Graduates from the department have been gainfully employed in  reputable firms and government ministries.

The programme aims to promote an understanding of the principles of the courses and of what constitutes its quality, how this can be achieved.

Welcome you to the department of ECONOMICS.


Entry requirements

Candidates for admission into the four – year degree in Economics should possess a Senior Secondary School Certificate, General Certificate of Education, NECO or their equivalents with at least five credit passes, at not more than two sittings including Mathematics, English Language and Economics. In addition, candidates must have acceptable passes in UME.

Direct Entry
Candidates for Direct Entry admission shall possess five Credits in GCE, SSCE, NECO, or their equivalents, of which at least two shall be at Advanced Level, including Economics, provided that such passes are not counted at both levels of the examination. For emphasis, credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and Economics are required.

Programme Duration

The duration of the B.Sc. Economics programme should be a minimum of four (4) years for students that entered the university by UME admission and three (3) years for direct entry students.

 Graduation Requirement

To graduate, a student must have a total 147 including all compulsory courses specified by the University/Department, completed and met the standards for all required and optional Courses,
obtain a minimum (GPA of 1.5 and met other requirement that may be prescribed by the department, faculty and senate.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the department have been gainfully employed reputable firms and Government ministries, etc.